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Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Animals Rummy Cards

cloudair: Couple of tyrannosaurs Tyrannosaurus…


Couple of tyrannosaurs

Tyrannosaurus. Late Cretaceous. North America

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Tyrannosaurus rex, supposedly. From a kids’ sticker book from ca. 1960

You know, I really don’t know where to start with this. Duckbills were not aquatic, and had many adaptations to bear their weight on land as well as an enormous amount of teeth to grind tough land plants. Dinosaurs walked on their toes, not on their full feet; they also didn’t drag their tails, as walking like this would require the hips to be dislocated. Its head was much longer and boxier, and less…toad-like The chest should be deeper, and the tail should be longer.

T. rex is famous for its tiny little two-fingered hands – I can’t imagine why this illustrator felt the need to give it…..long……uncomfortable……human hands.



Anyone remember those DK dinosaur books with those old dinosaur models?  

Despite being outdated, I still think they’re pretty cool.  I wonder if any of these guys still exist.

This Week in Dinosaur News: New smallest ever …

This Week in Dinosaur News: New smallest ever dinosaur footprints, a new dinosaur from Utah, and more

Smallest ever dinosaur prints found in South Korea. Retrieved from

Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • The smallest dinosaur footprints ever were discovered found in South Korea source
  • Differences in Dilong and T. rex braincases show how tyrannosaurs changed as they evolved source
  • The most complete North American enantiornithine, Mirarce,…

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Tyrannosaurus, illustrated by Diana Magnuson, 1988

tsaagan: Tyrannosaurus, Walking With Dino…


Walking With Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular, Hartwall Arena, Finland, 2018

This Week in Dinosaur News: A new sauropod nam…

This Week in Dinosaur News: A new sauropod named from 3 individuals and more details about the Dueling Dinosaurs

Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs need a bridge for repairs and outreach

Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • Crystal Palace Dinosaurs are raising money for a bridge to the Dinosaurs source
  • The new sauropod Lavocatisaurus agrioensis was named from 3 individuals found in an unlikely spot in Argentina source
  • Court…

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I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Crichtonpelta …

I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Crichtonpelta (Episode 208)

Episode 208 is all about Crichtonpelta, a Chinese ankylosaur named after Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton.

We also interview Matt Celesky, Research associate at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science where he put together the excellent paleoart exhibit “Picturing the Past.”He is also the Senior exhibition designer for the museum resources division of the New Mexico Department…

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mariolanzas: VINTAGE DINOSAURS  . 2018 Mario …



. 2018 Mario Lanzas

this art is available for prints, t-shirts and other goods at :