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This Week in Dinosaur News: Two new ornithopod…

This Week in #Dinosaur #News: Two new ornithopods, one from Australia, and one from Texas. Plus a new museum in India and animatronics in North America.

Some of the articulated specimens of Convolosaurus.
“(A) SMU 70456, articulated subadult individual on display at the Proctor Lake Corps of Engineers Office. Scale arrow equals 10 cm. (B) Composite skeleton on display at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Scale bar equals 10 cm. © SMU 75379 and SMU 75380, partial articulated skeletons found stacked on one another. Scale bar equals 5 cm.”

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This Week in Dinosaur News: A new American Tyr…

This Week in #Dinosaur #News: A new American #Tyrannosaur from the Cretaceous, Moros intrepidus, a T. rex hoax, and new dinosaur events

The new American Tyrannosaur, Moros intrepidus.
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Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • A new American Tyrannosauroid, Moros intrepidus, was about 30 million years younger than T. rex and 1% its size source
  • The Irish coast guard were called to recover some T. rex bones which turned out to be a hoax source
  • Matt Lamanna, will…

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90ssaurus: Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs (19…


Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs (1985) VHS tape

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This Week in Dinosaur News: A new sauropod fro…

This Week in #Dinosaur News: A new #sauropod from Tanzania named Wamweracaudia, a new museum, and more

The new sauropod Wamweracaudia by cisiopurple from

Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • A new sauropod from Tanzania, Wamweracaudia, emerges from an analysis of 100+ sauropods source
  • Dave Hone has a survey up to get feedback on his research impact source
  • Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha Nebraska has a new indoor…

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Ray Harryhausen’s film Evolution, or Evolution of the World, that he made in his garage from 1938-1940.

This Week in #Dinosaur News: Our first new din…

This Week in #Dinosaur News: Our first new dinosaur of 2019!

i-draws-dinosaurs: funnypages: Dr. Doom (In M…



Dr. Doom (In Mr. Fantastic’s body) explains evolution

Fantastic Four #10

Dale Russell is that you

This Week in Dinosaur News: Mile high tsunamis…

This Week in #Dinosaur News: Mile high tsunamis and the strength of dinosaur bites

Dynamite Entertainment is releasing new issues of the comic book Turok
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Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • Stegosaurus and Plateosaurus had much stronger bites than their close ancestors, while T. rex had a bite similar to its relatives source
  • A new model shows how the mega-tsunami at the end-cretaceous spread around the world source
  • The…

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I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Megaraptor (Ep…

Episode 216 features the oft requested but little known Megaraptor, another case of #dinosaur mistaken identity

Episode 216 is all about Megaraptor, A large theropod with claws over one foot long (originally thought to be foot claws, now known to be hand claws).

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This Week in Dinosaur News: A new, large, Earl…

This Week in #Dinosaur News: A new, large, Early Jurassic theropod, how ankylosaurs cooled their brains, and more

“Vascular reconstruction of the venous pathway in the left oronasal apparatus of Euoplocephalus” from

Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • The new theropod Saltriovenator zanellai from the Italian alps pushes back the first date of 1 ton carnivores to the earliest Jurassic source
  • A fluid mechanics model confirms that ankylosaur nasal…

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