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cloudair:Radiant Algae Green Portrush Chalk….


Radiant Algae Green

Portrush Chalk.  Ulster White Limestone Group

The holotype of Concavenator corcovatus is a…

The holotype of Concavenator corcovatus is a carcharodontosaurid skeleton from the Lower Cretaceous Las Hoyas fossil site in Spain. The appendicular skeleton of Concavenator is the most complete for any Carcharodontosauridae.

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Extinct birds flew in atmospheric conditions w…

Extinct birds flew in atmospheric conditions within the modern birds’ range. Atmospheric changes favor efficiency prior to powered flight and during refinement. Paleoatmospheric conditions played an important role in avian macroevolution.

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cloudair:Flesh-eating Cretaceous Dinosaur Ta…


Flesh-eating Cretaceous Dinosaur

Tarbosaurus bataar. Late Cretaceous. Mongolia

Morelladon beltrani. Cretaceous. Spain

Morelladon beltrani. Cretaceous. Spain

New spinosaurid (Theropoda, Megalosauroidea)…

New spinosaurid (Theropoda, Megalosauroidea) remains from the Arcillas de Morella Formation (upper Barremian) of Morella, Spain.   

Cervical vertebra, in right lateral (A), left lateral (B), dorsal ©, and ventral (D) views.    

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Thrinaxodon, a burrowing cynodont . Trassi…


a burrowing cynodont

. Trassic. South Africa.  

These two young 

Thrinaxodon probably died when the burrow in which they lived collapsed.  Iziko South African Museum, Cape Town, South Africa.

Megaloceros Reconstruction

Megaloceros Reconstruction

Shantungosaurus. Late Cretaceous. China

Shantungosaurus. Late Cretaceous. China

Lohuecotitan.  Late Cretaceous.  Cuenca. Spain…

Lohuecotitan.  Late Cretaceous.  Cuenca. Spain.