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I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Dromiceiomimus…

I Know Dino Episode 221: Interview with Eric Przybyszewski about #dinosaur eggs, plus two brand new #dinosaurs!

Episode 221 is all about Dromiceiomimus, likely one of the fastest dinosaurs of the Mesozoic.

Interview with Eric Przybyszewski, a student at Montana State University’s Depart of Earth Sciences and researcher at Two Medicine Dinosaur Center in Bynum, Montana. He is the lead author of the team working on a newly found dinosaur nesting site in Montana. You can also check out TMDC dig programs,…

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I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Nedoceratops (…

Episode 219 is here with Liz Freedman Fowler and @df9465. We also have a new sauropod and #dinosaur of the day Nedoceratops.

Episode 219 is all about Nedoceratops, the lesser known ceratopsian in the Triceratops vs Torosaurus debate.

We also interview Denver Fowler & Liz Freedman Fowler, paleontologists who work at the Badlands Dinosaur Museum. Denver is the curator. Liz is an Associate Professor of Biology at Dickinson State University. They have worked on a nodosaur, tyrannosaur, ceratopsians, hadrosaurs, and…

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This Week in Dinosaur News: T. rex could turn …

This Week in Dinosaur News: T. rex could turn pretty quickly, Nanotyrannus is probably a juvenile T. rex, and our SVP wrap-up

The tyrannosaur Jane appears to be a juvenile T. rex according to an SVP presentation. Retrieved from

Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • More details from this years SVP conference (referenced abstracts can be found in the PDF from the meeting) source
    • T. rex could turn more quickly than similar dinosaurs
    • New histology…

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palaeofail-explained: palaeofail-explained: y…



you may shrinkwrap……….but you will never be as Strong as eleanor kish

actually in regards to this one:

when I was little I thought that they got lost in the desert for weeks and that’s why they look like that

Inktober 15th – Maiasaura skull

Inktober 15th – Maiasaura skull