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Hadrosaurus, Dryptosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Mastodon, Mammoth, Megatherium, Glyptodon, 1858



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Elasmosaurus – lurking in the deep sea gradient




1869, by
Edward Drinker Cope

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Yes, though I must emphasise that Cope’s reconstruction is perhaps one of the most notorious/famous errors in palaeontology; he put the head on the tail (which was relatively short) and aligned the body and limbs the wrong way of course)

Cope’s arch rival in the “Bone Wars”, Yale Peabody Palaeontologist (and wealthy recluse) Othniel Charles Marsh, once publicly humiliated E.D Cope when he took his reconstruction to display on public at a ceremony and talk to scientists and the general public. Rather than kindly and politely take Cope to one side and explain why his reconstruction was unfortunately amusingly wrong, he loudly addressed Cope in an oratorical manner to openly mock him. This is speculated by some to have happened, or that it was Joseph Leidy who was rude to insult Cope in public, with Marsh using it in publications to further undermine Cope. Nobody really knows as far as I’m aware (my Vertebrate Palaeontology tutor on my course, one of several palaeontologists in variable divisions of the subject, seemed to think that it was true about Marsh badmouthing Cope’s work in public, its what I was taught anyway.

Whatever the case, we do know for sure that this mess blighted Cope’s career and got under Cope’s skin for the rest of his life – the two fighting furiously to become the most prolific American Palaeontologist. Scientists can be horrible to one another on the down low (and back then, it wasn’t even on the down low just outright obvious) 

Between them, dozens score of new species were found. Sadly for the more impoverished and unconnected E.D Cope – who didn’t have a huge inheritance fund to rely on like O.C Marsh did – it is reasonable to say Marsh got the better of it. Poor old Cope.

Elasmosaurus platyurus should look like this:

I reblog the image in the post due to its historic significance, and by no means for its accuracy.



1869, by
Edward Drinker Cope

When you feel stupid, remember that Eslamosaurus reconstitution

Inktober 6th – Elasmosaurus skull