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I Know Dino #Podcast Episode 255: Brand new allosauroid and a #tyrannosaur that’s still being excavated, Interview with @ChrisDPiazza: creator of Prehistoric Beast of the Week. New displays of juvenile #Triceratops, adult Triceratops, and a hadrosaur.

Episode 255 is all about Nyasasaurus, a 240 million year old dinosauriform that may be the earliest known dinosaur.

Interview with Christopher DiPiazza, a science teacher, paleo artist, and creator of the popular site, Prehistoric Beast of the Week. He covers a different prehistoric animal (nearly) every week, with an original painting he creates, a photograph of the fossil, and whenever…

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Siamraptor suwati.

Lower Cretaceous Khok Kruat Formation of Khorat, Thailand. 

Scale bar equals 1 m .

Today’s avian dinosaur news: “German Speaking Raven Calls Visitors ‘My Darling’”

I Know Dino #Podcast Episode 254: A giant chicken and a tiny sauropodomorph #dinosaur. Plus, new #Jurassic alvarezsauroid Shishugounykus, and new Saurornitholestes specimens synonymize Zapsalis

Episode 254 is all about Alioramus, a tyrannosaurid from Asia with nearly 80 teeth and 8 small horns on its snout.

Our new book just came out! Hear 50 stories about recently discovered dinosaurs in their Mesozoic environments:

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I Know Dino #Podcast Episode 253: An amazing new T. rex and pterosaur, Interview with @Dave_Hone about Cryodrakon. We also discuss the new #JurassicWorld short, the moments after the dinosaur-killing asteroid, and the many ways birds hunt

Episode 253 is all about Skorpiovenator, a slightly smaller hornless relative of Carnotaurus. It’s one of the most complete abelisaurids found to date.

We also interview Dave Hone, lecturer in Zoology at Queen Mary University of London. He is an expert in both dinosaurs and pterosaurs. He wrote the Tyrannosaur Chronicles and just described the pterosaur Cryodrakon. Find him online @Dave_Hone,…

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Check out the new Burke Museum!!! “Burke Museum Opens Oct 12”

“Family dig up Jurassic fossil hidden by ‘god-fearing’ Victorian ancestors for 170 years”

I Know Dino #Podcast Episode 252: #Sauropods squishing turtles, How T. rex regulated its body temperature, a new Japanese #dinosaur, and a #JurassicPark / #JurassicWorld auction

Episode 252 is all about Dacentrurus, A wide-hipped stegosaur from the Jurassic in England.

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I Know Dino Podcast Episode 251: Interview with Ari Rudenko, creator of @PrehistoricBody. How #raptors used their claws. Plus, #Dinosaur of the Day Huayangosaurus.

Episode 251 is all about Huayangosaurus, a smaller Chinese relative of Stegosaurus.

Interview with Ari Rudenko, the founder and artistic director of Prehistoric Body Theater, a performance company that uses dance to teach about paleontology and evolution. His show, Ghosts of Hell Creek, is currently fundraising to go on tour. We also interviewed Ari in episode 104when he was first starting…

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