Category: dinosaur art

Utahraptor – back to doing what I love! It will be slow and steady, but I’m happy to have made a start with this request!

Corythosaurus, Lambeosaurus & Parasaurolophus – moving onto herbivores with minimal and seasonal colours

Carnotaurus – carrying on the colour way and pattern experiments using Jurassic World’s new hero, Carnotaurus!

Allosaurus – Feeling inspired by the summer wear patterns slowly starting to come out so I thought would experiment with a few different colour ways with a pattern.

Hadrosaur Skull Size Chart – this chart contains some of the biggest and smallest hadrosaur skulls. (Some of the sizes of the skulls have been interpreted from a number of fossil specimens) I might expand this and make it a herbivore chart, similar to the carnivore one.

I shall be taking part in my first ever Inktober! However, I have created my own list to accomplish as it relates to artwork better 🙂 Bring on 1st October!

Anyone is free to use or adapt my list.

Mosasaurus – I had a ‘pinch me’ moment this morning when I woke up to see that someone has a tattoo of my Mosasaurus artwork!! Such a surreal moment, and so impressed with the quality of the tattoo. The detail is insane!!

Parasaurolophus, Gallimimus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Heterodontosaurus – An other experiment using photographic landscape backgrounds, possibly similar to the habitats these dinosaurs lived in. (These photographic backgrounds have been sourced from Google)