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Chalk Monoliths

Portrush Chalk.  Ulster White Limestone Group

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A “Griffin” from Cretaceous?

Protoceratops. Cretaceous. Mongolia

This Week in Dinosaur News: How heavy dinosaur…

This Week in Dinosaur News: How heavy dinosaurs contact incubated eggs, new early Triassic specimen, lots of exhibits, and more

Researchers find that large dinosaurs didn’t sit directly on their eggs, allowing contact incubation without crushing their babies…

I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Monolophosauru…

I Know Dino Podcast Episode 182 is here! Featuring #dinosaur of the day Monolophosaurus, more details on #JurassicWorld, how heavy dinosaurs sat on eggs, and more!

Episode 182 is all about Monolophosaurus a meat eating Chinese dinosaur with a single head crest.

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I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Archaeornithom…

I Know Dino Podcast Episode 181 is here! With new spinosaur material, a new Ichthyornis skull reconstruction, an Interview with Ansley about dinosaur sculptures, and Dinosaur of the Day Archaeornithomimus.

In our 181st episode, we got to chat with Ansley about her great dinosaur sculptures. You can see her work on her Instagram accounts ArtbyAnz and mcdansley or on Facebook at ArtbyAnz

Episode 181 is also about Archaeornithomimus an ornithomimosaur from Inner Mongolia that was mentioned in Jurassic World

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Bernissartia. Early Cretaceous. Spain

Bernissartia. Early Cretaceous. Spain

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A Spanish Dinosaur in Kitakyushu

Concavenator corcovatus. Early Cretaceous. Spain

Tyrannosaurus, Doug Henderson, 1998

Tyrannosaurus, Doug Henderson, 1998

The silence of a body of its size seems paradoxical. Footfalls and the gentle hush of leaves against hide are the only sounds the dinosaur makes. Birds within the trees’ foliage make their presence known with constant singing, but Tyrannosaurus does not sing now. 

In the morning it did, drumming out a rhythm of guttural croaks and rolling moans, deep sounds like the tremor of an ocean-covered continent or the pulse of a distant dying star. Others of its kind made their territorial dronings, too, and then, when the morning’s cool flared into the day’s heat, the tyrannosaurs went silent. There was no more need for singing. The circles of each’s daily sovereignty imprinted, they do not cross into another’s hunting ground. 

Now is the time of deadly speechlessness, the time of mute stalking. A song would ruin the surprise.

Crioceras. Early Cretaceous. France    Collec…

Crioceras. Early Cretaceous. France   

Collection of Javier Castellano

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The Mating Habits of Tyrannosaurus

T. rex reproductive couple