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I Know Dino Podcast Show Notes: Tuojiangosauru…

I Know Dino Podcast Episode 243: Interview with @PaleoJB, an eagle-nosed shovel-billed #dinosaur, new opalized fossils, and the battle for the dueling dinosaurs continues

Episode 243 is all about Tuojiangosaurus, a dinosaur that resembles Stegosaurus with thinner plates.

We also interview Jen Bauer, a postdoctoral associate at the Florida Museum of Natural History, with a focus on the myFOSSIL project and the Thompson Institute for Earth Systems. She is also the co-creator, along with Adriane Lam, of Time Scavengers

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This Week in Dinosaur News: T. rex could turn …

This Week in Dinosaur News: T. rex could turn pretty quickly, Nanotyrannus is probably a juvenile T. rex, and our SVP wrap-up

The tyrannosaur Jane appears to be a juvenile T. rex according to an SVP presentation. Retrieved from

Here’s what came out this week in dinosaur news:

  • More details from this years SVP conference (referenced abstracts can be found in the PDF from the meeting) source
    • T. rex could turn more quickly than similar dinosaurs
    • New histology…

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