Three Spectacular Stegosaurs and Research Cast…

Dinosaur of the day Charonosaurus, a Chinese Parasaurolophus relative named after the ferryman from the river Styx.

Interview with Peter May, founder and Owner of Research Casting International. They mounted Sue, Stan, & the Nation’s T. rex. As well as Zuul, Patagotitan, and countless other amazing dinosaurs around the world.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • The new dinosaur Adratiklit boulahfa is the oldest known stegosaur and the first from Northern Africa
  • Two new stegosaur specimens were fround in Montana from the Morrison Formation
  • Researchers at the Museum für Naturkunde modeled their Giraffatitan and found new potential uses for sauropod tails
  • In Tibet, Xing Lida and a research team started a two-week expedition to study some recently found dinosaur footprints
  • A team of researchers in Utah are excavating seven Diplodocus vertebrae, destined for the new LANHM welcome center
  • Jurassic Outpost posted about updates coming to the Jurassic World Live show
  • The Disney Channel is getting the animated series Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
  • Eurogamer has a fun list of games with dinosaurs
  • Turns out Google’s main office has a Stan the T. rex

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