So I’m just starting to get into drawing…

So I’m just starting to get into drawing and my passion is paleontology and I’d like to be a paleoartist, not professionally, but as a side hobby definitely, I’m just asking if you have any tips for a complete new comer, if I should start with drawing more traditional things, people, just any tips you have for me are greatly appreciated! Thank you! Love the work you do!

Hi Squeakygreenbeans! What a delightful appellation you have!

In answer to your question, I have a quote:

First question, should I wait to draw dinosaurs until my drawing skills are up to par on other more common subjects? My man Boris Pasternak has your back. Spitteth he:

“Man is born to live, not to prepare for life.”

– Boris Pasternak

Ok, so I’ve never read any of the guy’s work, or seen Dr. Zhivago, and I was never part of his rap star entourage. Few comrades were. But it’s a snazzy quote, and I think it relates to your dilemma. Whatever stage your drawing skillz be at, draw what you love and draw a lot! If that means dinosaurs, draw a lot of them. They’re meant to look terrible at first, that’s why their name breaks down in the Greek to “Deinos” terrible “sauros” lizards. Alternatively Soros can be translated as a Hungarian born billionaire that alt-right conspiracy theorists like to write fan fiction about. But either way, let it start out terrible! Because it has to be terrible before it can be passable before it can be radical.

That’s my two cents. With which I shall make it rain, quoth former Soviet rap star ₿ori$ ₽asterna€.