Godspeed Stan Lee. Excelsior 🤟

It just occurred to me that the I love you sign looks exactly like a Spider-Man web shooting pose … Both are appropriate. You did a lot of good, Stan.

Thank you for Spider-Man. He taught me to always keep trying to do the right thing, and not to give up after mistakes.

Thank you for the X-men. They taught me that what makes you different makes you special, and to return love for hate.

Thank you for your take on Captain America. He taught me to stick to my ideals without irony.

Thank you for Dr. Strange. He taught me to drop my pride, keep an open mind, and be willing to learn from everyone.

Thank you for Thor. He taught me that even when the world gets complicated and confusing, I can still find my way by trusting the light I feel with my heart.

A friend told me once that he went through a phase as a teen where he didn’t believe in God, and he wouldn’t read the Bible. But he read Spider-Man, and for a crucial and difficult time in his life, Spider-Man comics were his main source of moral teaching. He didn’t know if there was a God, but he knew he wanted to be good because Peter Parker wanted to be good. He found God later, but your character, strange as it sounds, held his hand along the path to finding Him.

I had an epiphany a number of years ago. Super Heroes have real power. They don’t just exist on half-tone newsprint or theater screens. They represent the archetypes of our highest ideals. Your approach to heroes was special in that you didn’t show unattainable perfection, but fallable people who hungered to be better just as much as your readers did. As Jesus said in his Sermon on the mount, they hungered and thirsted after righteousness. And as your readers followed your heroes on their journeys, they were filled.

For all the silliness, for all the campiness, the crazy costumes and techno-babble, for all the lyrical fantasy in your writing, you struck truth. And you did it in a way that has caused generations of children to grow up into adults that want to be good. We have hard questions ahead of us as a society, but your stories have taught us again and again to face hard things, even how to deal with the impossible. Thank you. Thank you for being a superhero.