Alectrosaurus – Episode 198

Dinosaur of the day Alectrosaurus, A medium sized cretaceous tyrannosaur that lived along side Gigantoraptor.

In dinosaur news this week:

  • Three juveniles of a new iguanodontian species named Choyrodon barsboldi were found in Mongolia
  • A new Amargasaurus relative named Pilmatueia faundezi was found in Argentina
  • A fire destroyed most of the National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro taking with it part of the Iritator holotype, Maxakalisaurus, and many other important fossils
  • They have requested anyone with photos of the exhibits to send them to
  • The Museum of Prehistory in Brabant, Netherlands, will be presented with a new Diplodocus skeleton on October 10
  • Cincinnati Museum Center in Ohio is getting a 55% complete 30 ft long Torvosaurus skeleton in November
  • A T. rex skeleton nicknamed Roosevelt is on display at the Erin Martin Design showroom in Napa County, CA
  • A single industrial park in China is responsible for most of the dinosaur animatronics created in the world
  • A family in Great Falls, Montana created a mini sauropod sculpture
  • Google Chrome created a birthday edition of the running T. rex to celebrate its 10th anniversary
  • Mattel released an interactive robotic velociraptor toy called “Alpha Training Blue”

This episode is brought to you in part by TRX Dinosaurs, which makes beautiful and realistic dinosaur sculptures, puppets, and animatronics. You can see some amazing examples and works in progress on Instagram @trxdinosaurs

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