Lophorhothon – Episode 188

In the news: Researchers looked at dinosaur hyoid bones to guess what their tongues may have been like; When The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History dinosaur hall reopens it will allow visitors to virtually feed an Edmontosaurus; In Ulan Bator, Mongolia, a man was recently arrested for hiding a Protoceratops fossil and planning to sell it; A hadrosaur thighbone from 70 million years ago was found in Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, on Kamikoshikijima island; A new theropod footprint was found in northern Germany; An interactive map shows what Earth looked like at various periods in time, including at your address; A new Jurassic World Alexa skill; dinosaur exhibits; and more

Dinosaur of the day Lophorhothon the “crested nose” hadrosauroid from Alabama, USA

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