T. rex emoji reviews by a paleoartist


broken hips. head is a weird box. he is smiling to hide his pain. he calls people names to make him feel better about himself. 4/10

this is just a jurassic park raptor with its sickle claws chopped of. 0/10

this is the kid that tries to be a bully and steal your lunch money but you just tell him off and he starts crying. head is too small, probably has the brain the size of a walnut. his hips are also broken. 3/10

the dinosaur equivalent of those uncanny baby dolls. stiff and ugly. broken wrists. vampire rex. 2/10

put it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -10/10

bonus points for dynamism but its eyes are soulless. its tail is too flexible, but an attempt was made. 6/10

this is probably the most decent one so far just because i dont have to look at its terribly rendered body. wrong head shape, but fine if youre going for a jurassic park look, i guess. 7/10

more appealing balance of stylization. isn’t accurate per-say but its at least not a tripod. not perfect but above average and kinda cute. 8/10

straight out of a Willis O’Brien film. more broken hips and has a lizardy tail. belongs in the 30′s, not 2018. 5/10

this is the only one with a correct posture but they literally just ripped off the Papo T. rex toy and its feet are hideous. its head is uncomfortably tiny. 5/10