Sauropod emoji reviews by a paleoartist.


more realistic than most emojis. definitely reads as a Giraffatitan or Brachiosaurus, but his eyes are kind of scary. 8/10

oh!!! this ones cute!!! he has elephant feet but i can forgive it a bit because he has nice colors. 9/10

simplistic, fairly well rounded design for a generic saurpod emoji. 8/10

basic green sauropod. kind of boring and has a weird face. 5/10

this is just Arlo from the Good Dinosaur but 100x worse. -10/10

fat man. a good man. maybe a generic Diplodocid? his face is kinda weird though. 7/10

forehead nostrils. dark beady eyes. this guy has murdered more than once and he will do it again. 3/10

cute and ok for a generic sauropod emoji but could be more creative. his tail should be lifted away from the ground more. 5/10

a good Giraffatitan or Brachiosaurus boy on the more realistic side. this is one i can trust. 8/10

arched backs? in the 21st century? i dont think so. 2/10