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_Prehistoric World_ Series - Ceratosaurus


_Prehistoric World_ Series – Ceratosaurus by Babbletrish

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Illustrations from the Prehistoric World series of books. All books were written by Virginia Schomp and published by the Marshall Cavendish Corporation. Sadly, individual artists are not credited.

cloudair:Beach rocks Flysch at Zumaia


Beach rocks

Flysch at Zumaia

Allosaurus – Feeling inspired by the summer we…

Allosaurus – Feeling inspired by the summer wear patterns slowly starting to come out so I thought would experiment with a few different colour ways with a pattern.



Pterosaurs, plesiosaurs and mosasaur, 1840, by John Martin

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Selections from "The Dinosaur Scrapbook" by Donald F. Glut


Selections from “The Dinosaur Scrapbook” by Donald F. Glut by Babbletrish

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The Dinosaur Scrapbook written by Donald F. Glut and published in 1980 by Citadel Press is a huge collection of old paleoart from a wide variety of illustrators and sculptors, and it’s scope is enormous. If you love this group it’s definitely worth finding a copy to thumb through. To keep myself from being too overwhelmed, I’m focusing on art in the book that struck me as particularly weird/funny.

“EEK! A Purgatoris!”

Theropod Footprints (Cast)

Theropod Footprints (Cast)

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Dinosaurs at Fukui

One of the Greatest Dinosaur Museums

Again, we’re so lucky they’re so s…

Again, we’re so lucky they’re so small! #birdsaredinosaurs #clevergirl #alexa #robotdinouprising “Parrot Talks to Virtual Assistant – 989278” https://youtu.be/jT4qhdzizdE

This Week in Dinosaur News: A new Ichthyornis …

This Week in Dinosaur News: A new Ichthyornis skull reconstruction, new spinosaur material, and more

A new spinosaur bone from Brazil shows evidence of aquatic behavior earlier than previously known (

dinodorks: Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins’ Hadros…


Benjamin Waterhouse HawkinsHadrosaurus skeleton, the first ever mounted dinosaur skeleton.